texas wildflower drives bluebonnetsDon’t be fooled by the dry heat and merciless sun; Texas Hill Country is home to some of the most exquisite wildflowers in the state!

Mason County lies in the northern portion of Hill Country, and features abundant wildflowers through the spring and summer months. Beginning in early March, the area is filled with striking Texas wildflowers. You just have to know where to find them!

The best way to see these beauties is to go on one or more wildflower drives through the scenic country roads in the area.

These routes are country roads designed specifically for a relaxing pace. In other words, feel free to drive as slow as you want and not get honked at. Here are the three main wildflower drives you should check out:

  1. Fredonia – Pontotoc Drive

This wildflower drive is especially distinctive with exposed granite boulders, as well as stunning hills and valleys.

  1. James River Road

This route is a slow-moving gravel road with breathtaking floral scenery.

  1. Hilda Drive

This drive is also along a lengthy gravel road, as well as low water crossings. Watch for wildlife and livestock.

For more detailed information about these drives and directions to the routes, click here.

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