If you enjoy the thrilling experience of off-roading, visit Katemcy Rocks! This family-owned spot is an 800 acre plot of land, packed with granite rock. Katemcy Rocks suits all levels of off-roading expertise, with simpler trails for beginners as well as extreme terrain ideal for experts, making it one of the best off road parks in Texas!

Katemcy Rocks is open to those who wish to schedule a visit from 1 p.m. on Fridays to noon on Sundays. Night wheeling is forbidden, but otherwise the day is open. Visit the off road park for a day (or weekend) of rugged, adrenaline-packed adventure! Click here to contact the owners and schedule a visit. You will also find price listings in the link that correspond with different groups and lengths of time.

This spot is one of the best off road parks in Texas, with areas suitable for all skill levels. If you love to off road, check out Katemcy Rocks during your stay at Dos Rios!


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