Unleash Your Off-Road Adventure

For those who seek the heart-pounding thrill of 4WD off-roading, the Hill Country offers some of the best atv parks in Texas, including Katemcy Rocks and Wolf Caves.

Granite landscapes at Wolf Caves

Katemcy Rocks: Conquer Granite Giants

Nestled in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, Katemcy Rocks is an 800-acre family-owned off-road atv and 4wd paradise, where massive granite rock formations dominate the landscape. This off-road haven welcomes adventurers of all skill levels, providing a diverse range of trails from beginner-friendly to expert-level. Whether you’re seeking a day of excitement or a full weekend of off-road thrills, Katemcy Rocks is your ticket to rugged ATV and UTV adventure.

Discover the Texas Overland Trail

As you explore the off-road trails of Katemcy Rocks, you’ll be delighted to know that you’re in close proximity to the Texas Overland Trail. This network of scenic routes offers a deeper immersion into the beauty of the Texas Hill Country, taking you through diverse landscapes and allowing you to embrace the natural wonders of the region.  The highlight of the Overland Trail starts just past to the Dos Rios crossing as the winding James River Road takes you over multiple low water crossings through a majestic hill country landscape.  And for an overland camping stop over, the Dos Rios can’t be beat.

Wolf Caves: Serious Off-Roading

For those looking for an even more unique off-road adventure, Wolf Caves is pretty special. Located about 8 miles west of Mason, TX, Wolf Caves is a 430 acre ranch of unique granite outcroppings just waiting to be conquered in ATVs, UTVs, an 4WDs.  Wolf Caves welcomes both beginners and experts with trails and obstacles that will challenge even the most heavily modified rock crawlers.  It’s a truly exceptional destination for off-road enthusiasts.

Plan Your Off-Road Adventure

Ready to conquer the challenges and conquer the terrain of some of the best atv parks in Texas?  Katemcy Rocks and Wolf Caves invite you to experience the thrill of off-roading and the serenity of the Hill Country like never before. Unleash your sense of adventure and conquer the wild terrain of Texas.  And for overland camping, you can’t beat the Dos Rios for proximity.

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