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Museums in Mason TX

During your stay at Dos Rios, there are plenty of museums in Mason TX to check out! Just a few miles away from the RV park, these cultural stops throughout the town are worth a short trip. Mason County Museum Located in a historical rock building, the Mason County Museum boasts a collection of geological and cultural artifacts. Learn about… Read more →

whitetail deer

Hunting in Mason TX

If you are looking for a peaceful weekend hunting trip, Mason is the place to go! There are tons of options for hunting in Mason TX, located conveniently close to Dos Rios. Check out these local favorites. The Home Place This 1,000 acre ranch boasts a large population of whitetail deer, turkey, quail and hogs. 10 hunters are allowed on… Read more →

sandstone cellars winery

Sandstone Cellars Winery

Although Mason, Texas is known for its historical locations and delicious barbecue, travelers should not overlook another local gem, Sandstone Cellars Winery. Located just off the Mason Town Square, Sandstone Cellars is a little boutique winery and wine bar owned and by Scott Haupert and Manny Silerio. In 1998, before opening Sandstone Cellars Winery, Haupert and Silerio opened Santos Taqueria,… Read more →

Where to Eat in Mason TX

During your stay in Dos Rios, don’t shy away from the local cuisine! Find out where to eat in Mason TX, based on your taste, mood, and what the locals have deemed best. Lea Lou Co-op – “Cattle Baron Chic” If you’re looking for homemade pizza, drinks, dancing, and of course, classic Western design, check out Lea Lou Co-op. Drinks… Read more →

Sequist Mansion

Seaquist Mansion

Tucked away beneath the thick, dense trees along Broad Street sits Seaquist Mansion. This sandstone structure dates back to the nineteenth century, and remains one of the most stunning historical markers in Mason County.   Seaquist Mansion was initially constructed in 1887 by Reverend Thomas A. Broad. Four years later, the house was sold to Edward M. Reynolds, who hired… Read more →

Fort Mason

Fort Mason

Mason County is home to rich Texas history. If you are interested in exploring a historical building that has stood for centuries and played a unique part in the history of this nation, check out Fort Mason. Fort Mason was established in 1851, in pre-Civil War Mason, Texas. It served as the home fort for future commander of the Confederate… Read more →

comanche creek golf course

Comanche Creek Golf Course

If your idea of a relaxing weekend involves tees, drivers, and polo shirts, check out Comanche Creek Golf Course! Located in Mason, Texas, this scenic golf course is a truly stunning 9-hole layout with rolling hills, running along Fort Mason Park. This gorgeous green course is laid-back, with minimal difficult obstacles. Comanche Creek Golf Course is ideal for the average… Read more →

texas wildflower drives bluebonnets

Texas Wildflower Drives

Don’t be fooled by the dry heat and merciless sun; Texas Hill Country is home to some of the most exquisite wildflowers in the state! Mason County lies in the northern portion of Hill Country, and features abundant wildflowers through the spring and summer months. Beginning in early March, the area is filled with striking Texas wildflowers. You just have… Read more →