Seaquist Mansion

Sequist Mansion 3Tucked away beneath the thick, dense trees along Broad Street sits Seaquist Mansion. This sandstone structure dates back to the nineteenth century, and remains one of the most stunning historical markers in Mason County.


Seaquist Mansion was initially constructed in 1887 by Reverend Thomas A. Broad. Four years later, the house was sold to Edward M. Reynolds, who hired a German architect to remodel the home into a larger, grander structure.


Seaquist MansionIn 1919, the house was purchased by Oscar Seaquist, establishing its modern namesake and structure.
The home remained in the family throughout the twentieth century, with public tours offered on and off beginning in the 1970s.

The Seaquist Mansion features stunning stained glass windows, 22 rooms, 15 fireplaces, a 3rd story ballroom, and a wine cellar! This impressive mansion is now under the ownership of the The Seaquist House Foundation, Inc., a nonprofit dedicated to restoring and utilizing the beautiful historical home.


seaquist mansion 2The Seaquist Mansion is now available for public tours, and the profits from the tours go into further restoration. The foundation hopes to rent out the Seaquist Mansion in the future for parties, weddings, and other major events, and turn the spot into a prime historical attraction for tourists.


For more information about touring prices and times, as well as a more extensive history of the Seaquist Mansion, click here.