kayaking and canoeing on the llano riverThe best way to truly experience the stunning scenes surrounding Dos Rios RV Park is through kayaking and canoeing on the Llano River. Take in all the sites under the sun. Go early in the day for a cooler, quieter ride, or later in the afternoon or evening to catch the bright, setting sun.

If you prefer a faster paced ride alone or with one other person, you might prefer to kayak. Rentals are available for singular or tandem kayaks. You can rent a kayaks and canoes right from the Dos Rios. These rentals include paddles and life jackets. For a quick guide on proper kayak paddling technique, click here.

llano riverFor a more laid-back experience, you might prefer canoeing. You can either kneel in the boat or sit on a built-in bench, and enjoy the scenery at a relaxed pace. Canoe rentals are available for a two to three person boat. This rental includes paddles and life jackets. For a quick guide on how to paddle a canoe, click here.

Both of these activities give you a chance to experience the Llano River up close and personal, with the added bonus of exercise. Familiarize yourself with the techniques, and rent a boat or two! If you’re ready to rent a kayak or canoe, check out the homepage and book it today.

And for a look at some more fun to be had at the Dos Rios, check out everything else We Offer.

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