Comanche Creek Golf Course

comanche creek golf courseIf your idea of a relaxing weekend involves tees, drivers, and polo shirts, check out Comanche Creek Golf Course!

Located in Mason, Texas, this scenic golf course is a truly stunning 9-hole layout with rolling hills, running along Fort Mason Park. This gorgeous green course is laid-back, with minimal difficult obstacles. Comanche Creek Golf Course is ideal for the average golfer, as well as beginners just learning the ropes of the game.

This course is fairly flat, with slightly inclined areas and one water hazard located by hole 9. It is incredibly well maintained, with lush green grass all along the course. Comanche Creek Golf Course is located a mere 7.5 miles away from Dos Rios! If you’re looking for a leisurely day in the sun with a competitive flair during your stay at Dos Rios, check out Comanche Creek. Click here to learn more.