During your stay at Dos Rios, there are plenty of museums in Mason TX to check out! Just a few miles away from the RV park, these cultural stops throughout the town are worth a short trip.

Mason County Museum

Located in a historical rock building, the Mason County Museum boasts a collection of geological and cultural artifacts. Learn about the historical Texas town within the grounds of this beautiful building, which is just as much a sight to see as the content inside.

Mason Square Museum

mason square museumAs the name suggests, the Mason Square Museum is located conveniently in the center of town. This museums contains the largest blue topaz in the United States. The Mason Square Museum holds collections of artifacts donated by some of the oldest families in the county. The layout is chronological, so museum-goers can explore the history of the town dating back to a 25,000 year old Mammoth tusk! The Mason Square Museum explores the influence of German immigrants in the 1800s, as well as how the Native American population was affected by the establishment of the town.

The Mason County Museum and the Mason Square Museum are worth visiting for any lover of history and geology. Click here to check out the hours, locations, and rates for these spots.

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