eckert james river bat caveEvery summer night, before the sun sinks below the horizon and the heat of the day wears off, the Eckert James River Bat Cave comes to life. First, a slow trickle of bats emerges from the mouth of the cave, chirping and zooming in a smooth spiral. As more and more bats dart out from the cave, the spiral grows quicker and denser, forming into a thick funnel cloud. The funnel cloud thickens and expands for about an hour, finally separating into a group of smaller tornadoes. This site, magnificent and eerie, is a must-see for any Dos Rios guest. The Mexican free-tailed bat is vital to the ecological function of the region. They control the insect population and protect crops. In the past, bats have been considered dangerous creatures, but we now know this is not true. Bats are an important part of the ecosystem, and they need to be protected.
During the summer, over 4 million female bats inhabit the Eckert James River Bat Cave, arriving from Mexico to give birth to their new pups. This preservation allows the Mexican free-tailed bat to grow their population without any threat or danger. 

Want to check out the Eckert James River Bat Cave? It’s just down the road from the Dos Rios! Take the James River Road approximately 6 miles southwest of the Dos Rios, and the entrance will be on your right.

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The Eckert James River Bat Cave is one of the largest bat nurseries in the country. This stunningly spooky natural wonder lies a mere 6 miles southwest of Dos Rios RV Park.

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