Texas Monthly Loves Dos Rios

Apparently we aren’t the only ones in love with the Dos Rios area. Texas Monthly recently ran a piece highlighting the rugged beauty of the Dos Rios hill country.  We’re happy to help set up a kayaking / fly fishing trips down the mighty Llano River. From Texas Monthly: Section RR 2389 (James River Crossing, known locally as Dos Rios)… Read more →

eckert james river bat cave

Eckert James River Bat Cave

  Every summer night, before the sun sinks below the horizon and the heat of the day wears off, the Eckert James River Bat Cave comes to life. First, a slow trickle of bats emerges from the mouth of the cave, chirping and zooming in a smooth spiral. As more and more bats dart out from the cave, the spiral… Read more →